Drop Pet Collar

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  • Linen cotton canvas

PLEASE NOTE: While I have tested these collars on my own pups, I do not recommend using these collars as their only collar if your pups pull while walking. I do my best to make the collars as sturdy as possible, but they are made for fashion and not tested under extreme pulling situations. I recommend using a suitable collar or harness for going on walks, hikes, etc. to ensure your pups safety.


  • XS: 5/8 inch width and 8-12 inch length
  • S: 3/4 inch width and 12-16 inch length
  • M: 3/4 inch width and 16-20 inch length
  • M: 1 inch width and 16-20 inch length
  • L: 1 inch width and 20-24 inch length

I recommend sizing up if your pet is in between sizes because it would be better to be a little loose rather than too tight. 


  • Hand wash with mild soap and warm water
  • Pat dry especially with the hardware